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The MPO Unveils the Bicycle Mobility Plan

The Plan, which is the first of two phases of a Strategic Plan for Active Mobility for Nueces and San Patricio counties, replaces the 2005 Bike and Pedestrian Master Plan. Phase 2, Pedestrian Mobility, will follow in 2016.
The Bicycle Mobility Plan prescribes a cohesive, 290-mile network that links key destinations in the Coastal Bend and is designed to foster cycling as a meaningful and safe transportation alternative for riders of diverse abilities.
On average, most individual residences in the urbanized area of Nueces and San Patricio counties are within a two to five minute bike ride (on a neighborhood street) from some segment of the network, and the network delivers riders within ¼ mile of:

  • 89% (158 of 178) of early education and daycare centers, grade schools (public and private) and higher education campuses

  • 85% (122 of 143) of parks over two acres in size

  • 83% (1088 of 1319) of transit stops and stations

  • 82% (541 of 657) of low income housing units (Section 8 or Housing Tax Credit properties)

  • 80% (104 of 130) of groceries, meat and fish markets, bakeries, and corner markets

  • 77% (186 of 242) of pools, senior centers, recreation centers, movie theaters, community pools, fitness centers, museums and hotels

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One-way Cycle Track Illustration

On the basis of feedback gathered from the community through interviews, focus groups, and on-line tools, the planning team prioritized a low-stress rider experience and maximal separation between cyclists and cars. About half of the network will be sparated 1-way cycle tracks, like the one pictured below for Rodd Field Rd., and another 25% of the network will be off-road multi-use trails on stormwater and railroad easements.

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Phase 1, Bicycle Mobility Plan is completed; Phase 2, Pedestrian Mobility, will follow in 2016.
The Plan will be a roadmap for a cohesive network that links key destinations in the Coastal Bend and provides a meaningful and safe transportation alternative. Find answers to Frequently Asked Questions.


The metropolitan area of the Coastal Bend is a place where walking and biking are integral to the community culture and represent viable, safe mobility and recreation options for residents and visitors of diverse abilities.
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Download Strava to your Smartphone and use it to log the routes you ride. While originally designed as a tool for athletes, Strava can also be used to track the rides of commuting or recreational cyclist; the Bike Mobility planning team will use this information to indentify priority routes.
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